A new blockchain-based technology platform has been launched with the aim of helping publishers monetise their video content while tackling ad fraud.

Formed by video collaboration platform dubdub and the IVEP Association, the tech platform Dubtokens aims to improve the commercialisation and user experience for ad-supported video content, while dealing with some of the ongoing challenges faced by publishers when commissioning online content.

Personalised experience

The demonetisation of video content on YouTube and ongoing issue with ad fraud and ad blocking which continue to pose a threat to revenue opportunities are stripping away essential resources required for publishers to communicate their material effectively to the right audiences.

Dubtokens will enable publishers to address some these challenges through multiple sites and platforms with its Interactive Video and Experience Protocol, which claims to provide hours of video content available which can be live broadcast, interactive, customisable and in real-time allowing publishers to communicate more personalised and informative experiences to customers and in return create higher user engagement at ROI.

In preventing ad fraud and invalid bot traffic, a human proof score leverage Blockchain technologies will be introduced which should allow some breathing space for publishers keen to take on this technology platform.

“The advertising industry is currently plagued with problems that undermine the experience for creators, publishers, advertisers and users,” commented Hillary Carter, director of faculty at the Blockchain Research Institute.

On the Dubtokens platform, Fred Dionne, founder and CEO of IVEP mentioned that adding programmable and customisable digital layers on top of streamable content will significantly improve user experiences and overall customer retention.

“It introduces a new industry flow, leveraging blockchain technology to capture real human engagement metrics in an immutable and indisputable format for publishers and advertisers.”