The Amazon Influencer Programme – which aims to capture social media influencers who promote products online to generate affiliate sales – has been expanded to Twitter and Instagram.

The self-service product is an extension to the already available Amazon Associates programme which initially worked only with influencers on YouTube, where vloggers could earn commission by promoting products for sale on the site in their videos.

The move to rope in two additional networks is a natural development on Amazon’s work so far in the influencer space, which has so far been carried out at measured pace.

Commission and results

The Amazon Influencer Programme was launched earlier this year for beta testing under selected amount of handpicked influencers who were judged based on the number of followers they had, engagement with fans and the quality of content they produced. Influencers who signed up to programme built their own landing pages on Amazon to sell products featured in their videos.

In terms of whether influencers will receive a better commission rate than other affiliate programmes, it’s more likely it has just made the process easier and more straightforward, potentially allowing for influencers to drive more sales.

Current commission rates for the Amazon Associates programme range from up to 10% for certain luxury beauty categories, while other areas saw a dramatic decrease earlier this year.

With the programme now open to Twitter and Instagram followers, Amazon looks be to embracing influencer marketing and it’s increasing potential to reach a wide variety of consumers.