The Internet Advertising Bureau UK (IAB UK) is launching the IAB Gold Standard initiative in an effort to improve standards in online advertising industry and address current challenges.

The initiative, approved by 23 IAB UK board member companies including Facebook and Google, comprises three main components – reducing advertising fraud, improving the digital advertising experience and increasing brand safety.

The initiative is part of efforts to enforce the trade association’s strategic focus on building a sustainable future for the digital advertising industry following its annual Engage event this month.

It features a number of measures aimed at improving advertising standards including the ads.txt initiative for all sites carrying ads, implemented to provide secure and flexible authorisation for publishers and distributor to improve transparency for programmatic buyers.

The IAB UK will also apply its LEAN Principles for lighter-weight ads aimed at improving user experience, while working with independent body JICWEBs, which specialises in best practice and standards for online and trading in the UK to provide better online security for brands.

“Sustainable and thriving”

With the deadline for implementing the IAB Gold Standard initiative to be confirmed, the IAB UK is encouraging all of its members to get involved with the programme, which also aims to cover issues such as audience measurement and viewability.

“Everyone agrees that digital advertising standards need to improve to keep this industry sustainable and thriving. The IAB Gold Standard is a practical measure that demonstrates media owner commitment to making this happen,” commented Tim Elkington, chief digital officer at IAB UK.

“Media owners need to send a clear signal to advertisers and agencies that they take their responsibilities seriously to offer the best environment possible so that brands can confidently use digital advertising,” he added.  

The 23 board member signatories included AppNexus, Bauer Media, ESI Media, Facebook, Google, Guardian Media Group, GroundTruth, Immediate Media, Mail Brands, Microsoft, News UK, Oath, Quantcast, RadiumOne, Teads, Telegraph Media Group, TripAdvisor, Trinity Mirror Solutions, Twitter, Vevo, Viant, Videology and Weve.