Customer journeys are incredibly complex, so why is it that only the last click should be handsomely rewarded? believes every publisher involved in the path to a sale should be fairly compensated for their influence, with the result proving fruitful for your sales figures and publisher acquisition.

The network’s director of international operations, Philip Keckeis, joined PerformanceIN for a live webinar to discuss this in practice following the launch of its “game-changing” Real Attribution technology. 

Watch the webinar above for how your attribution strategy can: 

  • Refocus on branding, inspiration, and storytelling
  • Increase promotion from publishers
  • Assign value to impressions
  • Lead to more conversions

If you have any questions or would like to receive a copy of the slide deck, please email or You can find TradeTracker at stand 29 at PI LIVE from October 24-25.