ADYOULIKE has integrated anti-fraud tech from data and technology company Integral Ad Science (IAS) in a bid to protect its clients’ impressions from ad fraud.

Through the integration, IAS’ technology, which prevents ads from being placed near bot-driven traffic and on fraudulent properties, will be combined with ADYOULIKE’s brand safety solution powered by IBM Watson artificial intelligence which ensures ad placing is based on content to make it relevant.

The move will help the AI-driven native advertising platform protect advertisers using it from various forms of the crime on a page level, including fraudulent URLs and illegal bot activity fees.

The company’s US general manager and chief revenue officer, Francis Turner, believes bringing IAS technology will help the platform better combat what he considers to be the industry’s two key challenges – ad fatigue and fraud.

“With the built-in assurance that you’re getting real traffic from real people and the knowledge that every ad appears where it is contextually relevant, we feel we’ve now got the safest platform as well as the most effective way to advertising,” he commented.

IAS also hopes the partnership will give advertisers more confidence that their impressions are protected from fraud, particularly at a time when the crime is expected to cost $16.4 globally this year. The waste of ad budgets combined with the recent controversy around ads appearing next to inappropriate content make it a tough time for the industry. Many are fighting the good fight by encouraging companies to follow the best practice guidelines or integrating ad fraud detection systems into their platform.

ADYOULIKE’s efforts to champion positive influence and empower the industry are yet another proof the industry isn’t giving up the fight just yet.