Matomy’s programmatic platform for mobile Mobfox has launched a new private marketplace (PMP).

The PMP offers a data-driven private marketplace to enhance buying capabilities for partners to optimise targeted campaigns. Aiming to deliver accurate segmentation, it mixes first-party data from supply partners with information from its own data partnerships.

According to Mobfox Exchange vice president Kumeran Sambandam, the marker is in the process of transition from traditional real-time bidding to data-driven buying and the company takes it “to the next level” by allowing its partners to gain audiences in tailored deals across formats.

“Following our recent partnership with Factual, providing our media buyers with better segmentation at scale is the next step in becoming a leading data-driven mobile company. This creates a win-win situation for publishers and advertisers – by providing more relevant ads, the data-enriched marketplace will enable an improved experience for users,” he commented.

Matomy’s executive vice president, Gli Kelin, is “excited” to launch the PMP, as the offering opens up the opportunity to buy audiences programmatically and at scale.

“Whether it’s a preferred deal or a private marketplace engagement, our demand partners will be able to bid for the audience segments and users with which they are looking to engage,” he explained.

Matomy’s data-driven mobile supply side platform and exchange, Mobfox is connected to over 175 demand side platforms and is used by over 40,000 apps across iOS and Android.