Sponsored by Affiliate Future, the Performance Marketing Awards’ Industry Rising Star category shines the spotlight on the next generation of marketers entering the industry of results-driven advertising.

Recognising a mixture of natural talent, working ethic, enthusiasm, and the early showings of a prosperous career, it’s a highly sought-after category, so with nominations open until April 7, PerformanceIN’s Rising Star Series is a chance to meet the candidates in more detail.

Today, we’re speaking to Ve Interactive’s head of affiliate partnerships, Zoe Morgan.

What excites you most about the performance marketing industry?

Zoe Morgan: The performance model is continuously adapting to new market challenges, which makes it an exciting industry to be in. Over the past few years I have seen first-hand the effects that new technology has had on the affiliate space, allowing us as marketers to better service our clients by moving from a predominantly content-focus towards a more data-driven strategy. It has allowed myself and Ve as a publisher to help grow and increase retailers and affiliate networks performance within their digital marketing strategy.

The revolution that data has brought to the industry is what I find most exciting about working in this environment. It informs all areas of the performance industry including mobile adoption, programmatic advertising, online marketing to deliver measurable performance and ROI.

Within your performance marketing career to date, what do you count as your biggest achievement, and why?

ZM: I love working in this industry as it is a very social environment and I have had the opportunity to learn, network and build strong relationships. At only 23 I have had great exposure to senior leaders and have built a strong rapport and profile within the industry for myself and the team, which I feel I might not have achieved in another industry. With the success I have achieved, I am now head of affiliate partnerships at Ve and managing a team of four with senior/junior sales consultants.

What would winning Industry Rising Star mean to you?

ZM: Winning the rising star award would be a huge achievement and an honour for me, and it would be a real honour to be recognised in the space. As a sales person, your direct success can be measured by sales whereas the impact you are having on the industry is harder. This award would be fantastic recognition for the work I have done and it would increase my reputation in the industry.

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