When leading women’s fashion retailer Missguided was looking for a new affiliate network to support its international growth initiatives, the brand turned to global affiliate network Affiliate Window as their exclusive partner.

As global expansion has become a primary goal of many fashion retailers in recent years, the affiliate channel has solidified itself as a fixture in marketing channels as many brands are now looking for a single network to support their tailored growth objectives.

The goal

Missguided tasked Affiliate Window with the overall goal to achieve a greater level of control over their affiliate programme in key markets, accomplished through comprehensive incentive structures to effectively develop strategic publisher partnerships. Not only did the brand want to foster new publisher partnerships, they also needed to quickly and effectively migrate all current publishers to the new platform with no loss of revenue, while also increasing yearly publisher sales and reducing the resources required from the brand.

The plan

With a reputation for international reach and dedicated support, Affiliate Window developed a full migration strategy spanning a four-week period, detailing the numerous tasks required to ensure the migration was a success.

While Missguided offered an increased 10% commission to incentivise publishers to quickly switch their links prior to the upcoming programme closure, the Affiliate Window team led efforts in publisher communication, ensuring that publishers were aware of the migration timeline and fully educated on the network’s interface and tools. In order to minimise any revenue lost, Affiliate Window and Missguided prioritised migrating and pre-joining top publishers to the programme prior to the launch date.

The programme setup phase also included a timely implementation of Affiliate Window tracking, programme profile completion, uploading of resources, comprehensive publisher GAP analysis/audit, and PR of the launch.

The results

Through this strategic migration plan, coupled with dedicated account management and publisher services teams, Missguided was able to realise a +266% uplift in revenue year over year within the first three weeks of the programme migration.

Within the first three months of launch, Missguided saw substantial year-over-year growth in revenue, shown in the chart below:

Fueling this impressive growth were 13 of the top 20 publishers who migrated within first week of launch, with two new revenue driving publishers also joining the programme. Within the first month, 41 out of 70 sale active publishers fully migrated to Affiliate Window. Furthermore, Missguided opted to launch immediately with cross-device tracking to minimise leakage and leverage Affiliate Window’s industry leading technology.

Download a PDF version of the case study here.