Performance marketing company Matomy Media has launched mtmy, a full-service mobile performance advertising agency combining global media targeting with cross-channel optimisation.

Supported by Matomy’s technology, the agency will provide tailored media plans to meet its clients’ needs at every stage of the process; from branding to user acquisition and retention.  

Addressing a gap in the market, mtmy is “the first mobile performance agency” that provides partners with a “hands-on and smarter approach” to advertising, according to Matomy’s COO, Sagi Niri.

New standards

Powered by the media company’s data management platform, mtmy will produce information on user behaviour patterns unique to certain apps and use it across channels to optimise audience targeting.

Such integration of activities will have a positive effect on real-time bidding ROI, and make the process of collaborating with multiple media partners smoother.

Matomy’s VP of clients, Mor Meroz, believes mtmy will set a new standard of service in the industry. She added that mtmy is a “holistic agency where advertisers enjoy a high level of strategic planning, creative cross-media optimisation, and the true power of Matomy’s existing technology.”

The launch marks yet another milestone in the development of the Tel Aviv-based company, following its recent expansion into China, Korea and the US. It’s also part of Matomy’s strategic investment plan to focus on mobile, video and programmatic, which led it to acquire programmatic video specialist Optimatic last year.