Any conference remotely connected to digital marketing this year is likely to weigh in on the growth of ‘ad-blocking culture’, and Performance Marketing Insights: Europe was no exception.

Ad blockers are a pressing issue for the digital advertising industry, putting a key source of publisher revenue and the work of advertisers into question. It’s a trend growing at a rate of knots, with IAB research estimating that 22% of all online users download ad-blocking filters.

‘Pressing issue’

The scaling usage of this software has been a chief concern for almost every party in the ad industry, and affilinet UK MD Helen Southgate expressed her take on the issue, with particular emphasis on its impact within affiliate marketing.

It all comes at a drastic cost to the publisher industry, argues Southgate, and while big publishers like The Guardian and The Telegraph can convince their users to support their sites, many smaller publishers, including affiliates, can’t.

To hear more about Helen’s perspective on the ad-blocking debate and how it draws in the affiliate marketing industry, watch the full interview below.