Making the headlines…

Growth Hacking the Focus for PMI: Europe Keynote

Growth hacking is the name of the game for Performance Marketing Insights: Europe’s keynote session, led by former advisor to some of the world’s biggest brands, esteemed author and speaker, Chris Perks. Read on.

How to Keep Compliancy and Best Practice at the Forefront of Affiliate Marketing

A transparent partnership between advertisers, publishers and users is essential for maintaining the appeal of the affiliate channel. Read on.

Where Performance Marketing Will Fit Into a Bumper Summer for TV

If certain studies are to be trusted, next year, for the first time ever, the billions spent on marketing to people watching television will fall behind the billions spent on marketing to people online. Read on.

How E-Commerce Retailers are Embracing the ‘Research Online, Buy Offline’ Effect

Daniel Surmacz from RTB House talks about how exactly new online advertising solutions influence offline buyers’ behaviours. Read on.

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In the spotlight…

Dan Cohen

Tradedoubler’s regional director discusses whether today’s startups might be able to solve tomorrow’s traffic source drought. Read on.

Kathmandu & The Weather Channel

The outdoor travel brand Kathmandu challenged The Weather Channel to devise a campaign which would reach its target audience of 18-44 year-old active adventurers, who check the weather to plan their days ahead. Read on.

Creating a buzz…

In the Era of Google, Short-Form Content Is Hitting It Big

Bruce Clayton discusses whether Google’s content algorithm favours long-form journalism or quick tidbits that happen to be SEO-friendly. Read on.

The Where and Why of Convergence Between Display and Paid Search

Pierre Kiciak, one of our speaker at the upcoming PMI: Europe, talks about display and paid search becoming closer than ever before and ready to create something of a synergy for those who combine their campaigns. Read on.

The numbers…

£711 million

The amount the display market was worth in 2015. Read on.


The rate of content shared on smartphones via private dark social channels. Read on.

$30 million

The investment from series E funding received by Chicago-based cross-device marketing specialist Signal. Read on.

In pictures…

Approximately 36% of Polish users install ad blockers. What could drop the rates?

ROPO (research online, purchase offline) effect is being recognised more and more as a powerful e-commerce buying pathway.