A new report from a mobile advertising platform Cheetah has revealed which countries are most engaged with their mobile apps, and which categories see most downloads.

The study monitored nine nations in total (Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Russia, UK and US) across various app categories to measure engagement and usage.

In this study, usage is the amount of apps each person has on their phone each month, whereas engagement measures the amount of times they use them each month.

Brazilians the most engaged

Across all categories, casual gaming, social and communication are generally the apps favoured by users globally. Programmes enabling people to chat and keep in touch spark the most engagement – in all examined countries these are used over 500 times each month.

Brazil tops the leaderboard with 785 interactions per person per month, followed by Germany, Mexico and India.

Social apps are another popular choice with users, and the highest engagement rates with these apps has been found in the US, UK and Canada, where the interaction rate reaches 315 times per month per user.

Shopping apps are another big field with huge engagement rates, particularly amongst the Brits –  each user in the UK tends to open these apps 102 times per month, twice as often as the US, where each person would only use them 58 times a month.

On the opposite side of the scale, educational gaming apps create the lowest engagement for the UK. Each user engages with these only 14 times a month.

Overall, Brazilians show the highest engagement with their apps – each person using them 54 times over a monthly period.

Apps play a big role in mobile advertising, and data from the study provides real opportunities for app developers at the same time as showcasing the map of engagement and usage across the world.

The full infographic can be found below.