OpenX has topped the US programmatic ad leaderboard, having regained its number one spot on Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index for April 2016.

The index has ranked its marketplace as the highest quality, most trusted place to do automated ad-trading in the US – recognised as the world’s biggest programmatic market.

As well as leading in the web inventory category, OpenX has been picked for the first time as the best in the mobile app space. The index, which ranks the programmatic ad in the industry independently, also recognised the company as one of the top three supply sources for international markets.

Other top companies in April included Sovrn, which took top spot, Index Exchange and Rubicon Project.

OpenX creates automated advertising marketplaces to help publishers grow their business by monetising content. Traffic quality has been at the heart of the company’s ad exchange since it took on the lead to eliminate fraud in programmatic advertising in 2012.

Top quality

This isn’t the first time OpenX has ranked as number one in Pixelate’s Index – a crucial barometer for quality in the programmatic market.

Last year, the company occupied first place on the index for six consecutive months – longer than any other company, overtaking Google’s AdExchange in the process.

“Ensuring our massive marketplace only offers high-quality inventory is an ongoing priority at OpenX,” said the company’s vice president of marketplace quality, John Murphy.

“Since 2012 we have devoted substantial resources to raise and maintain the highest quality standards, enabling premium publishers and buyers to confidently transact in our trusted exchange and benefit from our superior monetisation technology,” he added.

Objective assessment

The index takes into account a set of different metrics to assess effectiveness in regards to viewability, engagement, fraud, domain masking, inventory scores and malware. It is based on analysis of over 100 billion monthly views.

Pixalate’s CEO, Jalal Nasir, believes the ranking helps advertisers choose the most credible sellers and exchanges as it offers an unbiased quality assessment.

“We support the industry’s continued focus on ensuring the integrity and safety of programmatic advertising, and congratulate OpenX on achieving top tier rankings across the U.S. and mobile indices,” he said.

Adding to the list of recent achievements, OpenX has been put among the first tech companies to achieve independent third-party certification from BPA Worldwide – a global assurance provider