Affiliate Window is looking to a ‘mobile-first’ era with plenty of optimism after releasing a healthy progress report for its cross-device tracking tech. 

The affiliate network says its solution for tracking sales and interactions made across different devices has benefited 1,017 publishers since its introduction last year

This recording has led to £560,000 being paid out to affiliates who can now see first-hand evidence of how their users flit from smartphones to tablets to desktops on their way to completing an action.

On its first birthday, users of the function are set to benefit from two new cross-device reporting functions, namely separate reports for cross-device transactions, and an ability to drill down into publisher or advertiser performance in this regard. 

Screen to screen

The need for cross-device tracking is becoming all the more apparent for affiliate programme managers as they attempt to assess the impact generated by certain publishers in keeping the consumer engaged.

Research from TNS shows that Britons use an average of three devices, giving rise to the UK’s billing as a trailblazer in mobile commerce. With a fair amount of these consumers using a number of devices on their way to the checkout, the pressure is on advertisers to optimise their marketing for certain touchpoints.

In a typical user journey, someone receiving a discount via their smartphone could go on to redeem it when paying through their desktop. Gaining insight into these journeys can help an advertiser plan their spend and messaging accordingly, helping them send the right message to the right device.

Anthony Clements, UK country manager at Affiliate Window, views the tracking of these actions as a “core part” of the network’s strategy for the future.

“Multi-device e-commerce is now commonplace, and that means tracking and rewarding publishers for sales driven across more than one device should also be a normal practice in our industry.”

Clements added that the network was “delighted” to be releasing further advancements to its cross-device function, which include an option to see where multiple devices have influenced a transaction within its recently re-launched Transactions reports. 

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