Facebook hires additional measurement companies to overlook the viewability of its ads.

To improve verification of ad metrics for display and video, including inventory for the mobile web and in-app, Facebook is opening its gates to quality checking from Integral Ad Science, comScore and Nielsen.

This is an expansion of the social media giant’s already existing viewability programme set up last year with Moat.

Why the extra partners?

The third-party verifiers will not only provide an additional insight but also more transparency for advertisers.

This, in turn, is critical to gaining trust from the buyer side as the existing measurement is no longer enough and Facebook wants to prove its ads have actually been viewed.

In a blog post announcing the new partnership, Scott Knoll, CEO at Integral Ad Science, commented: “Social has become an important advertising platform for brands to tell their stories, and Integral is proud to partner with Facebook to offer advertisers the opportunity to measure exactly how their campaigns are performing.”

Driving value

The stakes are high for all involved as the ad revenues are consistently on the rise. According to Kenshoo, mobile and shopping ads drove Q1 growth in social, with budgets up 86% from 2015.

With that in mind, constant improvement of data transparency and viewability is crucial not only for encouraging trust between buyers and sellers, but also to enhance the overall value of advertising on platforms like Facebook.