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Infographic: Europe's M-Commerce Pace-Setters Take Unlikely Form

Infographic: Europe's M-Commerce Pace-Setters Take Unlikely Form


While perhaps not representing the biggest online markets in Europe, new data shows the unlikely duo of Spain and Italy leading growth in sales of products through smartphones and tablets.

A ‘Mobile Performance Barometer’ from global affiliate network zanox shows m-commerce transactions growing 69% in Spain and 58% in Italy, far above the rates of 54% and 43% in Germany and the UK respectively. 

The information - a tip-off for marketers around Europe - is based on insight garnered from activity from over 4,300 advertisers spanning retail, travel and finance.    

Current levels of mobile selling have led to 26% of all sales on the network coming via smartphones and tablets, with the accompanying infographic sharing crucial insight into the growth between 2014 - 2015.

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Richard Towey

Richard Towey

Richard is a former head of content at PerformanceIN. After many years spent covering developments from the automotive, sports, travel and finance sectors, he eventually turned his full attention to reporting on stories from the fast-evolving world of digital marketing. 

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