A partnership between Swedish performance marketing group Tradedoubler and online payments company Payoneer will allow publishers based in 200 countries to receive payments in their local currency.

Up until this point, publishers using the service outside of Europe could only be paid in the currency where the programme was active, or in USD. The service will also allow payment in a single currency for campaigns active in multiple markets.

Payoneer will take over as the sole provider for cross-border payments made to publishers based outside of Europe, and makes payment available in 90 local currency options, Euro or USD, reducing transaction costs and exchange rate risks.

Supporting global commerce

Tradedoubler’s CEO, Matthias Stadelmeyer, believes the partnership will strengthen the affiliate network’s global capabilities, and satisfies a demand among publishers for more flexible payment options.

The news comes in light of a Tipalti survey from last year, showing that two thirds of global affiliates want to be paid in local currency.

“By personalising payment methods, we are able to support single market and international publishers, as well as those that are looking to develop internationally,” said Stadelmeyer.

He adds that the new arrangement aids the overall ‘nature’ of performance marketing, providing e-commerce companies with a low-risk mechanism to expand into new markets.

“By providing a truly global payment solution, we are well positioned to facilitate the relationship between publishers and brands, and in turn they are well-equipped to scale their businesses.”

This announcement follows Stadelmeyer’s comments about Tradedoubler being “well positioned” to deliver an enhanced service in the year ahead, despite dubious financial results for 2015.