Performance advertising company Matomy Media Group has today (November 16) announced the acquisition of New York-based programmatic video ad specialist Optimatic, in a deal worth over $25 million.

The partnership adds a new string to the bow of Matomy’s ad offerings, allowing publishers to manage video inventory programmatically through its own toolset.

The acquisition is in line with group’s purchase of Austrian mobile advertising company MobFox, another player in the programmatic market, for $17.6 million.

After tipping its revenue from mobile ads to rise from 7% of its total earnings to 20% in the wake of buying MobFox, Matomy will be hoping for a similar improvement off the back of the deal for Optimatic.

‘Increasingly engaging’

In a statement released today, Matomy CEO and co-founder Ofer Druker described mobile and video as ‘increasingly engaging’ areas for the consumer, also backing Optimatic to complement Matomy’s growth in programmatic.

“Matomy has strategically driven its products and services into the area most important to marketers, which is performance, and to media which consumers are increasingly engaging, which are mobile and video,” he commented.

“Optimatic is a great fit in Matomy’s main growth engines, and substantially complements our mobile programmatic growth. In the coming years, video will play an important role in the revenue that will be generated from mobile advertising.”

Optimatic will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary within Matomy, with the current management team still in place.

The company is led by CEO Chris Pfluger, who spoke of confidence in offering publishers a ‘robust’ platform and technology on a global scale.

“We are confident that together we will lead the market in programmatic video advertising and offer publishers one of the most robust platforms and technology on a global scale.”