Analysis of the sites UK web shoppers are visiting following their use of Google’s organic search function has Amazon leading the way in time for Christmas.

Trawling through 7,000 popular keyword terms, SEO platform Linkdex found to be gaining 2.88% of all traffic off the back of 8.5 monthly searches between August and September.

Following closely behind is on 2.87% and with 2.67%. In the latter’s case, this could be from interest in popular Christmas items like its iPad and iPhone devices.

No other site manages to crack into the 2% barrier. In fact, Linkdex’s top 10 sites for traffic generated via organic search shows at the bottom of the pack on a lowly 0.53%; stressing the dominance at the top.

Tech leads the way

There is certainly an electronic theme to the results, which also show gaining 1.65% of traffic obtained via popular searches like “Playstation 4” and “Apple iPad”. (1.42%), (1.23%), and (1.26%) also creep into the top 10 – their selling of consumer electronics potentially aiding their traffic from Google.

Jono Alderson, head of insight at Linkdex, said: “Christmas shopping starts sooner every year, and from as early as September we’ve been seeing a massive 8.5 million searches per month for products, toys and tech.”

As Alderson adds, the brands that didn’t manage to crack the top 10 could have to resort to other methods of getting seen as Brits go about securing their gifts.

“Organic search represents a huge opportunity for retailers but, based on current data, some of the big players might have to resort to costly paid advertising to make up for shortfalls in their organic visibility if they want to capture traffic and sales over the Christmas period.”