With the programmatic market expected to grow from $29.3bn in 2015 to $61.9bn in 2018 (data from Magna Global), understanding the key trends and aspirations of its customers and practitioners is extremely important for everyone in this space.

With this in mind we have crafted a session at Performance Marketing Insights, which brings together the expert opinion of programmatic industry leaders from different specialisms, in a ‘first of its kind’ balloon debate.  

Why a balloon debate?  

These are a few of my pet peeves with conference presentations – a sales pitch, little or no facts, case studies to illustrate a point of view, death by power point and limited audience interaction. I recalled my teenage years in the debate club and thought it would be nice to resurrect this format in a business environment  and let’s be honest, us digital marketers are passionate and competitive, so a speaker session with a competitive edge would be apt, fun and memorable.

How did we decide which areas to cover?

There are a number of key issues in the programmatic space currently dominating the news from viewability and visibility, through to the impact of ad blocking. Whilst both of these are things that we care about, we also need to take a longer-term view of the trends and issues that are on the agendas of advertisers, agencies and publishers.  This is why we identified mobile, video, PMP and data as solid key talking points.

Why mobile? 

Programmatic and mobile seem destined to work together. The top three factors driving the growth of mobile are the increase in private marketplaces, the use of new and innovative formats (native for example) and the surge in advertiser demand fuelled by consumer usage of mobile phones. Our agency expert on this topic is Stephanie Emmanouel, General Manager, Connected Customer Marketing, Somo, so we can expect some strong client-led views from her.

Additionally, we have witnessed the rise of invitation-only programmatic marketplaces called private marketplaces. These private marketplaces (PMPs) provide publishers with the ability to designate certain parts of their advertising inventory to a select buyer or group of buyers. This differs from open auction where the advertising inventory is open to all bidders. Our expert in this field will be from Ve Interactive, Charlie Ashe who is head of publisher desk.

Video is a hot and relatively new area and not many in the industry can showcase the volume of work and data that our video panellist Graeme Lynch, business development director of Tubemogul, can.

Finally we will discuss ‘big data’ and how this is the future of programmatic. Our strong advocate for this comes in the form of Jo Holdaway, director of strategic and commercial data, ESI Media, a favoured contender to win the balloon debate.

With a gladiator line-up of speakers we expect a bullish debate. With the final audience vote at the end of the session – may the best panellist win! Get involved in the big question – What is the Future of Programmatic?‘ – at PMI on day one.