PerformanceIN’s annual survey of advertisers holding ties to the performance marketing industry is set for a launch on Thursday (October 29).

Readers will have already been treated to a hint of the positivity to derive from this year’s results. In a teaser from last month, we announced that 80% of performance marketers answering to the survey had reported a lift in sales revenue off the back of their involvement with results-driven channels. 

Now it’s time for the full set of readings to go live at PerformanceIN as the global ‘Advertiser Survey 2015’, conducted in partnership with BrandHook, looks to provide a detailed assessment of the challenges, talking points and opportunities surrounding results-based marketers.

Busting myths

Last year PerformanceIN polled advertisers concerned with just one area of the performance landscape: affiliate marketing.

Numerous revelations came as a result of the survey being released, such as content publishers being the type of site providing the most value to advertisers, and the majority of affiliate programme managers (62.5%) seeing an increase in their budgets between 2013 and 2014.

This year, PerformanceIN has worked with research agency BrandHook to determine the state of play for advertisers with investments in results-driven channels like PPC, affiliate, social media and more.

“It’s been interesting to see how things have shaped up this year,” commented Richard Towey, head of content at PerformanceIN.

“Companies are investing heavily in tools which allow them to bust certain myths around their performance marketing and I’d like to think we’ve also challenged few theories with the study.

“Performance marketing should become a whole lot more important to brands in the coming years as their promotional activity is becoming all the more accountable for ROI. Being one of a kind, the survey should give them an idea of where things in this particular space are heading.”

Experts pledge their views

Spanning nearly 40 pages, this year’s Advertiser Survey covers off questions on sales revenue from performance marketing, changes in strategy, popular channels and an in-depth look into attitudes surrounding some of the industry’s biggest debates.

In addition to PerformanceIN’s own commentary, experts from the likes of Affiliate Window, Optimus Performance Marketing and Marin Software are on hand to deliver their views on some of the stats shared.

Performance Marketing Insights: London 2015 will provide an ideal launchpad for the Advertiser Survey, with free downloads being made available to every account holder on October 29: the first day of the event.