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PI Readers: Ad Blockers Will Shift Pressure on Organic Marketing

PI Readers: Ad Blockers Will Shift Pressure on Organic Marketing


The final poll for ‘Ad Blocker Week’ has closed, marking the end of five days filled with insight and viewpoints into one of the industry’s biggest talking-points this year.

Our first poll revealed that 48% of you predict ad blockers to represent an ‘even greater threat’ to the ad industry in 2020. So PerformanceIN decided to dive a bit deeper and ask whether - considering the limited impact ad blockers have had on SEO, content marketing and regular posting on social networks - will ad blockers shift the pressure on organic marketing?

The results were a definitive Yes, with 78% of you agreeing with the statement, while the remainder believed there would not be a shift towards organic methods as a direct result of ad blocking tools.

“It’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of PerformanceIN readers believe that ad blockers will supercharge our love for organic marketing,” said Hannah Kimuyu, director of paid media at Greenlight.  

“When consumers are looking for a “value-added” experience from brands, promoting online content that people like, search for, and want to share will be more important than ever to curb ad blocking.”

No brand wants to be associated with “irrelevant or interruptive marketing", says Hannah, adding that relevance is key for engaging with the ‘always on, plugged-in’ consumer, and that there are no shortage of organic marketing tactics available to reach the “right people in real places in real-time.”


For the last week PerformanceIN turned its eye towards ad-blocking, a subject which has been plaguing digital marketers since reports suggested it could cost the industry $22 billion in 2015. Our coverage was extensive, including an interview with industry nemesis AdBlock Plus itself, the publisher perspective, expert advice from on-site at the AOP Autumn Conference and product comparisons - all while revealing ad blocker news as it happened.

Here's the full list of stories pushed out this week under the #adblockerweek hashtag.

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Mark  Jones

Mark Jones

Mark manages all aspects of editorial on PerformanceIN as the company's Head of Content, including reporting on the fast-paced world of digital marketing and curating the site’s network of expert industry contributions.

Going by the ethos that there is no 'jack-of-all-trades' in performance marketing, only experts within their field, Mark’s day-to-day aim is to provide an engaging platform for members to learn and question one another, helping to push the industry forward as a result.

Originally from Plymouth, Mark studied in Reading and London, eventually earning his Master's in Digital Journalism- before making his return to the West Country to join the PI team in Bristol.

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