, a company founded by Rares Banescu with over 150 clients worldwide, that uses newsletter and site personalization to optimize conversion, generated a 30% average increase in sales for online shops that have used the application, for the last six months. software combines site and newsletter personalization, email and live triggers, database segmentation, A/B testing and a system of individualized recommendations, depending on the visitors browsing behavior. How does work? Retargeting works pretty simple. A user enters to your website, which uses a tracking code, known as a “cookie”. If the user leaves the website without making a purchase, using retargeting software you can send him a live message or an email to inform him about various discounts or to remember that he has a product left in the shopping cart. “The application uses smart and customize banners for each user newsletter, using history and its browsing behavior. In other words, if I’m interested in pants (because this is what I have searched on your site three days ago) why would you send me a newsletter with shirts? Obviously I will respond much better to an email that sells pants “says Rares Banescu, founder and CEO of What are the solutions offered by – browsing behavior – dynamic subscription – happy birthday – FAQ&Help – bounce behavior – wishlist – social sale – Black Friday Currently, software is used by over 150 companies worldwide and generated revenues of 2,215,319.21 euros, according to the latest results posted on the site.