Proving social media is still the go-to destination for retargeters, spend on Facebook’s targeted ads has leapt up over a third on last year.

A new survey by AdRoll brands the social network as a hive for retargeting activity; the process whereby marketers reach their audience across desktop, mobile, apps and social with targeted display.

Aside from a global year-on-year increase of 31% in advertiser spend on retargeting via the platform, advertisers are also fuelling a 92% increase in impression reach when adding Facebook to existing display retargeting campaigns.

This is along with decreases in the CPM (-9%) and CPC (-27%) alongside a 26% increase in CTR, with the integration of mobile having a positive influence on these numbers.


Despite Facebook’s warranted reputation as a platform for reaching consumers, the report states that B2B advertisers have caused a sizeable leap in spend of 61% globally, almost double that of retail at 31%.

These figures are broken down by international market below, which puts the highest B2B retargeting spend rise in Australia (+124%).

The rise in advertising spend to businesses is a result of a change in media consumption habits, says AdRoll, which has lead B2B marketers to become more like their B2C counterparts.

“B2B marketers are now executing successful branding and lead generation campaigns on Facebook,” says AdRoll in the report.

“Content marketing has become a staple in the B2B marketing sphere and Facebook has proven to be a great inventory source to feature new content.”

Despite rumours earlier this year that Facebook’s FBX ad exchange was on a downward slope, the report shows that retargeting on the platform is continuing to prove popular among advertisers.