Last year Mary Meeker claimed that two-thirds of content on the world wide web was being generated by the consumer – an intriguing revelation at the time, but certainly not an unfathomable one.

The consumer has no shortage of ways to create and host their content on the web and at little cost above their monthly broadband or mobile data fees. Our brands are told to ‘edit better’; to think quality over quantity when it comes to content production and volume.

Perhaps one of the reasons why 13 zettabytes of content on the web stems from ‘u-gen’ is down to these conversations seldom entering the user’s mind.

Many believe that brands should be catering for the dominant production source by creating socially-powered websites, filled with the user’s content, and this formed the central point of discussion for EngageSciences’ CEO Richard Jones in his talk at PMI: London 2014.

Jones was joined by Vodafone’s group head of digital, Adam Stewart, as the pair discussed the next-generation of branded websites, fuelled by user generation.

To whet your appetite ahead of PMI: London 2015 in October, you can watch a recap of the session below.