Rocket Internet-owned discount platform CupoNation has moved to purchase one of its competitors in the EU affiliate space – the Netherlands-headquartered Imbull.

In a statement to the press, the pair said they both had the same goal of becoming “the world’s biggest savings platform” and that this would be all the more achievable by joining forces.

CupoNation offers discounts at retailers across 11 different countries in Europe, including France, Italy and Germany but not the UK. It is also live in Brazil, India, Australia and Singapore.

The company is not currently active in the Netherlands but this could be about to change through support from Imbull, which is based in the country. 

Many will recognise Imbull as the owner of international discount publisher, which is live in 22 countries, in addition to its Dutch-based properties in and     

A fee for the deal has not been shared. 

Affiliate link up

Founded in 2008 by Jochem Vroom and Jelle van der Bij, Imbull remains situated in the Netherlands after growing its staff count to nearly 60 at its base in Amsterdam.

It’s reported that Vroom and and van der Bij will move to general manager vacancies at CupoNation’s operations across its Benelux markets, which include Netherlands.

This would represent new territory for CupoNation. However, given that and the purchaser both hold presence in markets like Austria, France and Italy, some form of rivalry may have existed before the deal.    

“As we both had the same goal, namely to become the world’s biggest savings platform, this is now a great opportunity for us to combine our strengths and to jointly shape the future of deals and couponing,” Vroom commented. 

Also speaking in light of the news, CupoNation MD Adrian Renner, who helped found the company in 2012 with support from German internet firm Rocket Internet, admitted that part of the intention of purchasing Imbull was to gain access to new markets. 

“We are very excited about the acquisition of Imbull, which will bring us closer to our goal to become the largest platform for coupons and deals across the globe,” he added.