YuMe, Inc. the global audience technology company powered by data-driven insights and multi-platform expertise, today announced the launch of its programmatic video marketplace for agencies, brand advertisers and publishers. The offering includes both demand and supply side platforms, powered by its data management platform. The new platforms leverage YuMe’s core strengths in audience insights, multi-screen reach and proactive brand safety in video advertising.

“Our full-stack programmatic platform offering will go beyond simply automating media transactions to provide truly multi-screen audiences and preemptive brand safety that’s largely lacking in today’s programmatic video landscape,“ said Jayant Kadambi, Co-Founder and CEO of YuMe. “We believe this combination is unique in the market and favourably positions us to capture more TV ad dollars as they begin migrating to programmatic digital video.”

Clients who have benefited from YuMe’s customer service, customisation, and direct sales channel can now optimise YuMe’s suite of products to increase scale and multi-platform audience insights. 

The YuMe programmatic video marketplace offering consists of two products:

·      YuMe for Advertisers (YFA): YFA has been developed as a demand side platform (DSP) with advanced multi-screen audience reach capabilities and access to YuMe’s video advertising supply, as well as other major video marketplaces and supply side platforms (SSPs). YFA addresses marketers’ key concerns around viewability, traffic quality, and attention, through the use of proactive brand safety technology. Furthermore, YFA allows advertisers to benefit from YuMe’s proprietary media offerings, including award-winning interactive ad units and audience targeting solutions such as YuMe Audience Segments and Household Targeting.

·      YuMe for Publishers (YFP): The release marks the next-generation of YuMe’s publisher monetisation platform. YFP is evolving into a real-time bidding (RTB) second-price auction marketplace with ad-serving, yield management, publisher analytics, and supply-side platform functionality.

The offering’s foundational component, YuMe’s Data Management Platform (YDMP), aggregates and analyses YuMe’s SDK-driven, first-party data to power unique audience insights and segmentation. The multi-screen audience segments powered by YDMP enable YuMe’s agency, brand, and publisher clients to utilise the benefits of first-party data in audience targeting that is uniquely offered by YuMe while enjoying the efficiencies of programmatic technologies. YDMP further utilises first-party audience data and other third-party data sources as added features, to provide clients with greater flexibility around audience targeting capabilities.  

“YuMe is in a perfect position to offer our proven technology that has successfully powered our advertiser and publisher solutions for a decade to a broader audience,“ said Venkat Krishnan, SVP, Product at YuMe. “Our consistent focus, coupled with new technologies, enables us to connect consumers with brand advertisers with the right content at their most attentive state.”

Rich Routman, Global CRO of Perform Media, added that, “As a longtime partner of YuMe, we are pleased to see the company continue to innovate, and are certain their programmatic offering will continue to serve our strategy of automating certain portions of our sales process and understanding our audiences at a more granular level.”

Key Marketplace Benefits:

YuMe’s programmatic platforms will provide a series of marketplace advantages including:

·      Innovation: By natively integrating YuMe’s audience insights, multi-screen reach and proactive brand safety features along with its award-winning interactive ad units, YuMe’s programmatic platforms stand apart from others in market. 

·      Comprehensive/Customisable: YuMe’s programmatic marketplace offering will deliver all key feature and capability needs such as private marketplace (PMP) and real-time bidding based buying and selling for advertisers and publishers. 

·      Enhanced Analytics: Advanced reporting and forecasting features are delivered within an intuitive and fresh user interface.

·      Open: Integration with third-party vendors such as DMPs, traffic quality/brand safety vendors, DSPs and supply marketplaces will allow for maximum flexibility.

“YuMe’s newest set of programmatic video advertising tools holds tremendous potential for our business,“ said Ryan Lash, Founder and CEO of ymarketing, the recently nominated Media Agency of the Year by thinkLA. “As we look to place high quality video advertising campaigns on behalf of our international brand clients, the challenges we face typically relate to scale and quality. With YuMe, we know we are achieving effective audience reach while keeping brands consistent and safe wherever ads are placed.”