Tealium iQ is the enterprise tag management system of choice for Top 500 internet retailers, serving twice as many businesses as other competitive enterprise solutions Tealium, the leader in enterprise tag management and real-time customer data solutions, today announced that the company’s leading enterprise-class tag management system (TMS) powers more than 25 percent of the top 100 internet retailers, according to data compiled from the recently-released Internet Retailer® Top 500 Guide. In addition, Tealium services more than twice as many e-commerce organisations as their enterprise competitors. The Tealium iQ™ tag management system and the Tealium AudienceStream™ solution enable internet retailers to accelerate technology deployments and harmonise fragmented marketing data to drive relevant cross-channel customer interactions in real time. Using Tealium iQ, marketers can flexibly deploy more than 800 turnkey digital marketing technologies, including popular solutions such as Maxymiser, Monetate, Certona, Optimizely, and others. In addition, via strategic integrations with e-commerce platforms such as Oracle Commerce, IBM Commerce solutions, hybris, Demandware, and Magento, joint customers can seamlessly leverage Tealium iQ within those environments to deliver a more targeted customer experience and drive more online revenue potential. “In today’s online world, it’s imperative that digital businesses have the right technologies in place that allow them to innovate quickly and respond to shifting demands and priorities in real time,” said Mike Anderson, CTO of Tealium. “Our goal at Tealium is to enable the agility and flexibility necessary for online retailers to deliver the relevant, real-time customer experiences that drive revenue and translate into true business value.” Tealium solutions offer a range of strategic benefits for retailers, including accelerated campaign time to market, increased site performance and conversions, and the ability to seamlessly drive more profitable omnichannel interactions. At Tealium’s recent Digital Velocity user conference, top retail brands discussed their experiences: • American Eagle is using Tealium solutions as the foundation for its corporate data systems, as well as solution for using online behavioural data to improve in-store engagements. • L.L. Bean is using Tealium solutions to improve the performance of its browse and cart abandonment programmes, as well as better align customer experience across all digital touch points. • Mason Companies used Tealium to deploy 99 tags across nine divisions in four weeks, and has been able to accelerate campaign time to market by 75 percent. • InsideView achieved record lead generation results using Tealium iQ as the catalyst for its marketing technology stack. Global brands, notably high-traffic online retailers, also trust Tealium for its scalable architecture. Tealium iQ was recently recognised by Ghostery as the fastest and most reliable TMS available, and reported Tealium as 10 percent faster than the closest competitive tag manager on Cyber Monday 2014. The Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide records more than 130,000 facts on America’s 500 largest e-commerce competitors, from financial figures to operations, to performance to shopper demographics and more. It is available for purchase here.