Reports suggest that Rocket Internet, the group behind web properties such as Glossybox and Food Panda, has announced the launch of a new affiliate network. 

The Berlin-based group has presented affiliates with a “portfolio” of over 41 advertisers which are owned and operated by Rocket Internet, according to an update at 

A report from yesterday (June 16) “assumed” the network would act as a proportional vehicle for its own advertisers, and that other groups would not be allowed in, but that has not been made clear.

While this would see it falling way short of the lists of advertisers from competing networks like Tradedoubler and zanox, analysts have highlighted that given the large number of e-commerce companies on Rocket Internet’s books, big affiliates could well be attracted by the proposition.

A note to publishers says the company has listed a number of benefits for linking up with its new affiliate network which references many of the usual standards.

That includes personal support from the Rocket affiliate team combined with “fair and performance-related compensation” for affiliates. 

Publishers also gain control of their data and a comprehensive list of statistics, delivered in real time. 

Interestingly, the benefits also include information about new programmes and promotional materials. This would suggest that either some of the existing Rocket Internet properties will not be involved at first, or that other advertisers may join in later. 

Driving forward

Of the properties owned by Rocket Internet, many are e-commerce companies or online marketplaces for very specific forms of products.

Glossybox, for example, is focused on the beauty industry, whereas 21Diamonds connects brands with customers wanting to buy jewellery online. 

The company also boasts a considerable amount of global reach through a number of its properties, with cuisine delivery service Food Panda operating in 40 countries around the world. 

Here is a lumascape of some of the companies that might be involved. 

Founded in 2007, Rocket has grown to boast a staff roster of over 30,000 employees spread across 110 countries and six continents. 

The company has ambition in abundance, and the formation of an affiliate network may help it reach a current target of 5.4 billion potential customers, or 74% of the world’s connected population.

A note on the company’s website declares an intention to become the largest web platform outside of the US and China, and the “home screen of the world”. 

Update, 18/6, 09:00:  Rocket Internet has been in touch with PerformanceIN to dispel the rumours about it launching a “disruptive” new network to rival the likes of zanox. Andreas Winiarski, the group’s VP of communications, says that just two Rocket Internet properties will be serviced by an in-house affiliate network with the aim of building their presence in new territories.