In our ever-changing digital world, pinpointing the key marketing trends and ways of effectively reaching and engaging with potential customers is paramount.

This morning (March 26) at Advertising Week Europe, Econsultancy founder Ashley Friedlein discussed the megatrends in digital, reviewing what is deemed important now and where we could be in five years.

Unsurprisingly, customer experience was a key talking point in his presentation. Friedlein ran through a recent poll of over 4,000 marketers, which found that 23% believe customer experience is the most important and exciting trend today, with 24% envisaging this will be a ‘megatrend’ in five years’ time.

This was in stark contrast compared to the voting for video and social, which were both considered exciting marketing opportunities by just 3% of the group.

These figures were expected to drop even further in popularity, with a mere 2% of marketers citing video as a key component in five years’ time, and 1% of marketers believing social will be considered an exciting marketing trend in 2020.

Connecting the dots

Friedlein further stated that customer centricity is the battleground of the future, and is also where the competitive advantage lies.

Consistency across channels may be an obvious goal, he says, but it is one that cannot be overlooked in today’s digital landscape. Friedlein cited Burberry as an example of a company which has mastered this element of digital marketing.

Creativity, design and imagination also play crucial roles in modern-day marketing, he said, highlighting Apple’s design and theatre in the promotion of its products.

Friedlein concluded by remarking on the amount of technology and tools available to marketers today, stressing that the importance now lies in utilising the tech effectively, rather than looking to advance them further.