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CPI of Facebook Mobile App Ads on iOS Devices More than Double that for Android
Image Credit  Marcin Wichary Creative Commons license

CPI of Facebook Mobile App Ads on iOS Devices More than Double that for Android


Marketers are required to spend more than twice the amount on Facebook mobile app ads to drive app installations on Apple iOS devices as they do on Android.

According to marketing software company Kenshoo’s new Mobile App Ad Trends research, CPI by operating system for iOS in 2014 was just over $2.50 per ad, considerably higher than Android, which sat at just $1.25.

The cost per click (CPC) for Facebook mobile app install ads increased over 2014, with December showing a 179% rise over January. The study found that CPC on iOS devices was 163% higher than on Android.

However, the research also uncovered that ads on Android devices deliver a higher click-through rate than those on iOS, making them more likely to drive engagement.

Fierce competition

In terms of app categories, gaming titles appeared to carry higher CPIs for Facebook mobile app ads compared to e-commerce or general consumer apps.

Retail-associated titles had higher click-through rates than ads for gaming apps, possibly due to greater and more fierce competition in the latter category.

Kenshoo also reported that the rate at which clicks on Facebook mobile app ads convert to mobile app installs increased by 135% over 2014.

This may have caused global advertisers to increase their spend for Facebook mobile app adverts over 2014, with monthly budgets rising 235% in December 2014 compared with January 2014.

Key metrics from the Kenshoo study of Facebook mobile app advertising performance during the course of 2014 are shown in the table below.

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Adele MacGregor

Adele MacGregor

Adele works as a news and features reporter for Existem, covering the latest updates from the performance marketing industry. Adele has written for Media Wales, Grazia Magazine and publications in Spain and the US, with topics ranging from social media and digital skills to local music and gymnastics.

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