As some corners of the ad industry attempt to address its billion-dollar problem with fraud, there is evidence that some are choosing not to confront the truth. 

Erol Soyer, managing director – international, at fraud detection specialist Forensiq claims that some advertisers are failing to address issues like bot fraud due to having to pay more money for their clicks and impressions.

“I think there’s been a lot of avoiding the issue, because if you start talking about introducing the concept of quality, in anything, the price has to go up. The advertisers don’t want to see the price [of inventory] going up.”

Experts suggest that weeding out bot-driven activity would improve the quality of interactions, subsequently increasing the average rates of online ad space.

But with this in mind, Soyer argues that advertising is futile if it doesn’t resonate with real people. 

“We often talk about intent to purchase. But if there’s no intent to purchase then what’s the point of running an ad campaign? You need to get to people with real human eyeballs and real human personas behind the screen, so your campaign has a chance to physically impact on them.”  

The full interview with Erol, filmed in London at TFM&A, can be found below.