Users of Magento’s popular e-commerce platform have been handed the luxury of creating and launching performance marketing campaigns thanks to a new module released today (March 9).

Performance marketing network affilinet has unveiled a tool which delivers all the benefits of highly trackable, intelligent digital advertising via Magento Connect – the platform’s marketplace for add-ons and extensions.

Affilinet’s new solution places plenty of emphasis on convenience, facilitating the creation and deployment of performance ads within minutes, while offering a customisable dashboard for the tracking that follows.

Other features of the module include a range of ad formats, automated data feeds and retargeting options for connecting with potential buyers. 

In another move towards convenience, the tool becomes available in the lead up to Mother’s Day (Sunday, March 15) – a key sales event for card, flower and gift merchants. 

Re-engaging the engaged

Affilinet has been keen to stress the simplicity of its new tool, informing would-be users that developers are in no way needed to track consumer journeys across the web.

The network has broadcasted the launch of an “intuitive, user-friendly” dashboard for recording the progress of performance campaigns, which also drills down into the types of products and categories viewed. 

This non-identifiable information can be used to target a prospective customer who may be on the verge of making a purchase. Custom tweaks can also be made to the reporting software, which might come into use as early as this weekend.

“Targeted promotional campaigns run through affiliates can give sales volumes a real boost around these special events,” says Paul Brown, head of operations at affilinet.
“Without the module, a typical integration would take up to a week of costly web development time. Users can integrate powerful performance marketing capabilities to their website, without huge web development costs.”

Publisher base

In releasing its module, affilinet has become the latest in a long line of groups to see potential in Magento as a software distribution platform. 

The Connect marketplace has become a useful hub for online retailers wanting programs that can boost their sales and engage customers, but at a much lower cost than available elsewhere.  

Analytics is a key area of focus for Magento app developers, although the store also offers solutions for the deployment of various forms of online marketing and lead generation.

Affilinet will be hoping its new module provides merchants with an easy introduction to performance marketing as it prepares to release a series of extensions on the Magento store.