Ad spend may be growing in a number of global territories, but much of the industry’s multi-billion dollar worth is owed to just 10 markets.

That’s according to new research from Strategy Analytics, which hints at the drastic implications an economic slowdown in the US or China could have on the value of the entire ad industry. 

Findings from the group show the United States accounting for 34% of ad spend worldwide in 2014, totalling $180.8 billion, with China representing 9% through spend of $47.6 billion. 

Australia, Canada and Brazil were also listed among the top 10 markets driving ad spend worldwide, which together account for over three-quarters (81%) of the industry’s annual takings. 

Main players

While being one of the strongest markets in terms of its annual growth, the UK is only the fifth-largest market in terms of overall spend. 

A total of $23.3 billion was pledged to advertising in Britain last year, accounting for 4% of the global total.

A similar situation is apparent in European markets such as Germany and France, which saw ad spend of $25.4 billion and $14.4 billion respectively last year. 

Japan, meanwhile, could be set to rival China after witnessing spend of $39.3 billion – accounting for 7% of the global total, which is 2% lower than China’s proportion. 

Stateside dominance

Who takes the spot of global leader, on the other hand, is a more cut-and-dry affair. 

The US produced one third of the global ad industry’s revenue in 2014 and notes from the report confirmed that its status as the world’s biggest ad market would not change “in the foreseeable future”. 

A geographical review of the top 10 ad markets can be found below.