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Half of UK Ad Budgets to be Spent on Digital Channels
Image Credit Chris Potter Creative Commons license

Half of UK Ad Budgets to be Spent on Digital Channels


This year will see a “seminal crossing” for the UK ad industry as 50% of the nation’s overall marketing spend is set to go towards digital channels - far above the weighting in the US and other parts of Western Europe. 

The latest forecasts from Strategy Analytics have 28% of US marketing spend going towards digital, which is below the global average of 30%. On stateside, 42% is to be spent on TV and 15% will be dedicated to print advertising. 

UK advertisers have made it abundantly clear where they see the best value, opting for cuts of 24% and 16% for TV and print respectively. These figures are below rates of 39% and 18% across the world.

Digital drives growth

Digital’s chokehold on UK advertisers has tightened with every year, and 2015 will see a 9.5% rise in spend on internet-powered channels such as search, social and display compared to 2014. A 5.4% rise in UK ad spend as a whole means that cinema, TV, outdoor and radio will also see marginal increases year on year, but digital will lead the way. 

Print is the only ad format to see a decrease in spend compared to 2014, dropping by 0.2%.

Leika Kawasaki, the report’s co-author, confirmed that growth in ad spend across Britain was leaving other markets to play catch-up. 

“UK ad revenue growth looks particularly strong, growing at a 60% faster rate than the US and Western Europe,” she said. 

“It’s certainly more encouraging for print in the UK, with only a marginal decrease compared to a hefty 8% decline in the US and a 3% decline globally. However, outdoor (about 5 times less) and radio will experience much slower growth in the UK than globally.”


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Richard Towey

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