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Guaranteed CPM Buying Triumphs Among Video Ads
Image Credit  Fraser Mummery Creative Commons license

Guaranteed CPM Buying Triumphs Among Video Ads


Video advertising platform Videology has released a study revealing that guaranteed CPM buying is king among video ads in the UK.

Q4 research into the UK video advertising market found that 9 in 10 video ads had been bought in a guaranteed fashion as opposed to through real-time bidding.

Fast-moving consumer goods took the lead, accounting for 22% of impressions on Videology’s video platform, overtaking entertainment which made up the majority in Q4 2013.

Entertainment came third with 16%, sitting just behind retail which made up 17% of impressions.

Advanced targeting

The research also found that campaigns are targeting audiences based on characteristics such as behavioural patterns, with 53% of all ads using advanced targeting - an increase of 66% on Q4 2013.

Observing consumer characteristics allows marketers to deliver campaigns that have been served to a relevant consumer base, helping them achieve optimum results.

Rich Astley, managing director of Videology UK, remarked on the importance of collecting this data and the benefits of advanced targeting for advertisers.

“Behavioural targeting is giving them the opportunity to reach those audiences most likely to convert purchasers, and effective data is at the heart of this,” he said.

In addition to buying patterns, Videology reported that 79% of all British online video ad campaigns on its platform ran cross-device, a 12% increase quarter on quarter and a 62% rise since Q1 2014.
For more information on Videology’s findings, click the infographic below.


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Adele MacGregor

Adele MacGregor

Adele works as a news and features reporter for Existem, covering the latest updates from the performance marketing industry. Adele has written for Media Wales, Grazia Magazine and publications in Spain and the US, with topics ranging from social media and digital skills to local music and gymnastics.

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