Focusing on fewer, better quality articles as opposed to adopting a scattergun approach has been cited as the key to driving customer loyalty through content marketing.

A survey conducted last September asked just over 500 US Millennials to pledge their views on the all-important question of what keeps them loyal to a particular brand. 

Nearly two thirds (62%) said this could be done through online content, although other findings from the report stressed the need for useful, valuable and informative pieces to resonate with consumers.

Thus, aggressively pursuing developments on the output front may not be the best way to hit home with the recipient, especially when it comes to securing a regular audience. 

The right approach

In an infographic from survey co-ordinator NewsCred, content marketers were informed that 64% of millennials will respond to content that is considered useful to them, with the ability to produce interesting pieces making 34% more inclined to buy from the author. 

A further 64% of the group spoke in favour of content tailored to their cultural interests, with NewsCred urging authors to construct pieces that cater for the reader’s age, location and other preferences. 

The ‘hard-sell’ is not advised, though, as 31% of consumers said they would be more interested in buying if the content was not of an overly promotional nature.

The study also provides insights into the most popular content-sharing platforms, with the results found below.