Findings from Net Media Planet reveal that flower delivery network Interflora has shown the highest increase in paid-search visibility for Valentine’s gifting.

Jumping from 8th place with a 5.2% cut of the paid-search slots in January 2014 to 4th place with 10% this year, Interflora almost doubled its efforts in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Net Media Planet’s Valentine’s research analysed the share of paid-search visibility for the top ten flower and gift retailers in the UK between January 2014 and January 2015.

Tied first place this year were and, both with a 20% share of paid-search visability. The report showed that in 2014 ranked first place with a 24.1% share, with in second with 20.7%.

Net Media Planet believes the loss of share for both companies was a result of increased efforts from other brands such as and

January 2014

January 2015

New to the top-ten rankings this year were and, while and, 6th and 9th place respectively in 2014, dropped off completely this year.

“We have seen some interesting movement across the flowers and gifting sector’s paid search activity year on year,” says the head of display sales and partnerships at Net Media Planet, Andrew Turner.

“Leading up to Valentine’s Day, the strongest competitors are and with the largest share of search.”

Turner claims the most outstanding result was the boost of share of search exhibited by, who increased its positioning by an impressive 95%.

“There are several steps they could have taken in order to achieve such strong growth across the sector,” he commented. “For instance, by improving ad copy and keyword relevance a brand can improve the factors that affect their share of search, which has successfully achieved.”