Red Letter Days, one of the pioneers of the experience industry, has consolidated its affiliate programme from Affilinet to partner exclusively with global performance marketing network, Affiliate Window.

Set up in 1989, Red Letter Days has gone from strength to strength and today offers hundreds of experience days for individuals, couples, and groups, including corporate solutions for some of the UK’s biggest companies.

Red Letter Days’ aim to grow their affiliate programme by 15% in 2015 and develop relationships with long tail affiliates, led to their decision to partner exclusively with Affiliate Window. “The main reason for consolidating with Affiliate Window is that they work with a vast range of long-tail affiliates compared to Affilinet” says Gemma Crozier, Affiliate Marketing Manager for Red Letter Days. “We have always worked on growing the long-tail, and in order to continue to develop the channel, it makes sense for the brand to move exclusively to Affiliate Window. We are keen to explore the new tools and technologies their network has available, such as the assist data, which would allow us to find ways of working differently with certain publisher types.”

Red Letter Days’ activity in the performance channel is fully intertwined with the rest of their online marketing mix and as such, is coordinated so that a consistent message is delivered across all channels. Joshna Patel, Head of Online for Red Letter Days explains “by consolidating to Affiliate Window we are able to get a better view of the channel as a whole, especially when it comes to benchmarking and enables us to manage our programme more efficiently.”

Anthony Clements, UK Country Manager at Affiliate Window comments: “Affiliate Window has enjoyed a successful, long-running partnership with Red Letter Days since 2008, so we are delighted they have chosen to move their programme exclusively to our network. This decision highlights how our technology and innovative tools can help an advertiser to build a sustainable and balanced programme, with a significant number of contributing content publishers. We’re proud of our work with Red Letter Days, and we look forward to helping them continue their growth in the Performance Channel.”

In September 2014, new assist KPIs were introduced to Affiliate Window’s advertiser and publisher reports, allowing retailers to understand how customer journeys are influenced by publishers or other channels. Following the consolidation from Affilinet and exploration of these KPIs, Red Letter Days will be re-launching their programme and invite all publisher types to join.


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