Programmatic ad buying has come on leaps and bounds over the last five years, and research states that its share of the display market will only get bigger over the five that follow.

In an attempt to sum up just how far programmatic has come and is likely to go in the near future, Yieldr has released a new infographic detailing everything from analysis of global spend to its rates of adoption by sector and market.

The image also shows which types of inventory are giving advertisers and agencies their first taste of programmatic. Banner ads are currently accounting for 72% of all ad purchases in real time, but this is set to shrink down to 31% by 2019 as developments in video – on 29% – and social formats – on 40% – make for a more even playing field.

Combining research from Magna Global, Forrester and eMarketer among others, the infographic below provides a detailed overview of programmatic in 2015 and beyond.