As marketing to consumers becomes all the more personalised and refined, ensuring relevancy with every message and should be top of the agenda for any brand looking to get ahead in 2015. 

That’s the advice to come out of Google this week as the search giant outlined three tech trends that marketers should pay attention to this year. The company points to its own search data to highlight the importance of being able to reach consumers on the move, and why applying context remains key to any location-based campaign. 

Mobile’s spotlight moment 

Marketers have been quick to take advantage of the opportunities that mobile targeting provides, and Google goes as far as describing the very devices they reach out to as ‘remote controls’ for people’s lives.

The advice for gaining success with mobile targeting is simple, according to the company: use location-based content where possible, and seek out ad inventory that reaches users in specific areas.

Paid search is one of the many forms of advertising that can help marketers target web users by location. Google highlights a five-fold increase in “nearby” searches from 2011 to 2014, while roughly one in five searches conducted on its own search engine are now said to be related to location. 

In other pointers for marketers to consider, Google backs the explosion of connected life platforms and the ‘internet of things’, based on Q4 2014 searches for related terms, while claiming that professional services like same-day delivery and content on demand will cause life, as a whole, to get faster.

For a full review of the trends and data, take a look at the infographic below.