Notifications prompting web users to download applications appear to be creating huge business around the world, as tech providers are finding out. 

One of the many companies powering solutions which help software developers and advertisers find the right audiences for their apps has announced a significant milestone. The San Diego-based SweetLabs claims to have hit the one-billion mark for app installs triggered via the strategic placement of ads.

Since its founding in 2008, the app distribution network has grown to develop reach in 180 countries across the world, with this helping its own figures along. 

A familiar offering

Like many of its competitors, SweetLabs drives program installs by suggesting apps to users that have just started using similar titles. 

The firm is said to be assisting one million app downloads per day, across mobile and desktop, thanks to its software and relationships with key device manufacturers such as Toshiba and Acer.   

Darrius Thompson, CEO and co-founder of SweetLabs, has witnessed just how much the competitiveness for app downloads has stepped up in recent years.

“The app install ad market is exploding, thanks to players like Facebook, Twitter and Google entering the fray and SweetLabs’ unique focus on creating a distribution footprint with device makers opens up a massive channel to developers that has been previously untapped and inefficient for most.”

User targeting

Behind SweetLabs’ success is an advanced form of app-serving technology which ensures that each title is put in front of its most ideal audience.

Targeting can be drilled down to basic information such as device type and hardware features, right the way across to user demographics, location and time.

The company owes part of its success to a bold move which saw huge focus on the 1.5 billion daily users of Windows software. Gaining knowledge of the PC market has enabled a seamless transition to Microsoft’s mobile operating system, Android, and helped SweetLabs expand into new territories.