Boston-based mobile programmatic advertising startup Adelphic has raised $11 million in Series-B funding.

The funding round was led by Blue Chip Venture Company and featured existing investors Matrix Partners and Google Ventures, who have contributed to the startup’s total investment of $23 million.

The company states that money will be pledged to its international growth in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) and APAC (Asia-Pacific), while there are plans to increase its employee base from 39 to 65 in 2015.

“This funding round allows us to continue influencing the future of marketing by expanding a DSP (demand-side platform) that creates more meaningful engagement opportunities for our clients with their audiences – illuminating the real consumers behind their devices.” commented Adelphic CEO, Michael Collins.

Cross-device demand

Adelphic, whose major selling point is user identification across devices, also plans on investing in technology to help brands target consumers with contextualised ads, in addition to encouraging engagement in RTB (real-time bidding).

Identification and cross-device operations are vital factors in the mobile ad mix, elements which Adelphic CEO Collins feels can help brands make the most of their mobile advertising.

“The performance and efficiency of our platform allows brands to quickly understand how much more they can do with their mobile ad spend,” Collins added.

Before this week, the bulk of Adelphic’s private investment had come from $10 million gained in a Series-A round led by Google Ventures, which closed at the start of December 2012.

Seven months beforehand, the company raised $2 million in a seed round led by Matrix Partners, which has become one of the firm’s long-term backers.