An A in affiliate marketing could soon be a possibility if British parents have their say on changes to subjects in schools.

Parents in the UK have expressed enthusiasm for a digital marketing education from a young age as it could prove to be an advantage in later life, contributing to a successful career.

In a study by Optimus Performance Marketing into parents’ perceptions on the digital marketing skills currently taught in UK schools, which focused on 1,283 parents aged 35 and over, 73% agreed that there should be more focus on “modern” subjects in the classroom, including ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

The performance marketing agency has revealed that 62% of parents would support
teaching digital marketing skills in schools to aid their child and put them at an advantage when they enter the job market.

This is not the first time this year it has been suggested that schools should look into their offerings of digital skills. Web coding is now being taught across England to children as young as five as the Department of Education embraces the digital world and prepares children for life in modern Britain.

Valuable insight

The CEO of Optimus Performance Marketing, Mark Russell, affirmed the importance of having digital marketing skills at a young age and the advantages they would bring when entering the job market.

“It is evident that the demand for high-quality digital marketing education and qualifications is now growing rapidly in almost every market, and parents of school-age children in the UK are clearly taking this on board.”

Russell added that extensive knowledge of these skills could be advantageous when climbing the career ladder.

“By opening youngsters’ minds to the practices of such marketing strategies as SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click), online advertising, email marketing, viral marketing, online PR, affiliate marketing and social media, there is every chance that individuals will be gaining a head-start with regards to their future careers as well as a valuable insight into today’s digital arena.”