A study on media-sharing habits has pointed to South Korea as the fastest nation in terms of the time it takes to distribute a branded video clip.

Ad tech firm Unruly claims that web users in SK cannot be beaten for a speedy response, which is paramount to the success of a topical video campaign. The company cites tests carried out by its team of researchers, which pitted South Korea against video-sharing efforts in ten other nations. 

Results from the study affirm the rising importance of video in the make-up of a typical ad campaign, with nearly one in five users sharing videos with social networks over once a week.  

SK leads the way

South Korea appears to be topping the speed stakes with 20% of video shares taking place inside the first 24 hours of a clip going live. 

This came in a period where the speed of branded video sharing increased across the globe. Now, it’s thought that 42% of shares occur within three days of the clip being uploaded. 

Users in South Korea (28%) are also more likely to perform basic video interactions such as clicks, replays and shares than any of the other nations tested. Unruly conducted research on markets including the UK, US, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Norway, Southeast Asia and Sweden to provide an in-depth view of video ad receptiveness across the globe.

However, the firm found that Germany could more than match South Korea in one area, as web users in the EU country were the most likely to watch a video ad to the end (79%).  

Social engagement

As for where users are most likely to distribute branded video content, Unruly has Facebook accounting for a staggering 59.4% of all social shares.  

Twitter placed second on 13.8%, with Google+ accounting for 13.8%, while LinkedIn’s total of 2.1% may hint that B2B video sharing is yet to take flight.  

You can see a full run-down of the video shares by social platforms with the infographic below.