With brands increasingly looking to turn their websites into social hubs, EngageSciences has released a number of new enhancements to a tool which helps them do exactly that

The marketing engagement platform has focused on providing a simple and intuitive user experience with the latest phase of its flagship social engagement software, Release 5.0, to help companies drive conversation through their sites.

At Performance Marketing Insights: London 2014, Richard Jones of EngageSciences joined Vodafone’s Adam Stewart to discuss the reasons why static, transactional websites which rely on SEO and PPC to drive traffic are no longer making the cut with consumer expectations.

The new incarnation of the software includes full coverage of social media sources, an app store for campaigns, fully configurable KPIs and accountable metrics and usability improvements.

Increasing Traffic

A report from Social Media Examiner, which surveyed over 2,500 marketers about their businesses’ social media marketing efforts, found 83% of those surveyed placed a high value on social media, which builds trust and increases customer engagement and sales.

EngageSciences recently launched ‘The Social Tipping Point’ whitepaper, which found a 300% increase in dwell time on pages with social content and 11% increase in web traffic once sites feature social media.

Both statistics showed that user generated content is increasingly outperforming branded content, emphasising the importance of turning websites into social hubs.

Now available to EngageSciences clients, version 5.0 of the company’s social engagement software will offer a customised and enhanced user interface – simplified to only show brands what they need to see.

This is in addition to in-depth reporting, generated in real time and presented by a dashboard and insights area.