Real-time analytics and audience data specialist Cxense believes it has come up with a solution to ‘banner blindness’, the virtual ailment blighting the majority of online consumers.

The company has introduced eye-catching 3D advertising capability in an effort help publishers and advertisers recapture consumers’ attention and combat the phenomenon of banner noise; whereby web visitors will largely ignore banner-like advertisements in front of them, consciously or not.

According to Cxsense chief executive Raman Bhatnagar, the company will integrate its targeting technology in an effort to help publishers disrupt the trend with personalised, striking banner ads:

“Through our advanced analytics and data management solutions, we know who is looking for what products, how best to target them, and how to present the products in the most engaging way.”

Using standard HTML coding and working cross-device without the need for 3D glasses, the SaaS company’s experimental foray into 3D advertising may be a step in the right direction for the ailing banner ad industry, with an Infolinks study last year finding only 14% of users were able to remember the last ad they were served, or the product or company it was advertising.

Aiming to remain unobtrusive but engaging, the three-dimensional adverts will enable products and images to rotate and ‘pop’ off the screen, without flashing, expanding or unwanted sound effects.  

This unique means for creating and displaying online content offers differentiation for premium advertisers and e-commerce sites. Viewing products in 3D may just enhance consumers’ shopping experience and drive engagement.