It has been over two weeks since Google announced its latest update to the Panda algorithm. We launched a poll following the release to see just how much this affected your rankings; whether positive, negative or barely worth noting. Here’s what you said: 

“Google Panda 4.1 is the latest iteration of what is a super-complex algorithm focused on content quality.

From what I’ve seen, it’s largely hit ‘large’ affiliate marketing and article-submission style sites (such as eHow, HubPages and SimilarSites) who have been overly-reliant on data-scraping and low-quality, user-generated content rather than investing in building an editorial team who produces beautiful, long-form content that is relevant to whatever the end user searched for.

These sites only make up a small portion of Google’s database, so the results aren’t too surprising – as awareness of Panda is quite high now and we’ve seen a lot of businesses shift towards investing more in content marketing and serving a best-in-class user experience. For those who were negatively affected, I’d consider using a service like to get a quick snapshot on which parts of the algorithm most likely hit your site.” – Pete Campbell, MD at Kaizen SEO 

What’s your take on the results? Let us know in the comments..