Three major online ad firms have been lauded for their commitment to bringing down cases of ads placing alongside illegal or inappropriate content.

Yahoo, AOL and Google DoubleClick are the latest to be tested and certified by the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS).  

Part of the examination process sees an individual separate to JICWEBS strip apart a company’s ad misplacement policy to confirm whether it is able to limit the risk of ads ending up next to inappropriate content.

The newly inducted trio all host a significant amount of web real estate and join fellow JICWEBS partner Microsoft in being recognised for promoting best practice and standards for online ad trading. 

Seal of approval 

Online ad misplacement is now a hotly debated topic among brands thanks to a series of unsavoury incidents. The huge rise of programmatic advertising has only added weight to the issue, as brands lose some visibility of where their ads are displayed. 

JICWEBS approval is just one of the many ways that ad suppliers can highlight the precautions they have made to ensure that brands are guaranteed safety online. The certificate has received backing from a number of key industry figureheads, including the Association of Online Publishers (AOP), Newspapers Publishers Association, ISBA and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). 

Speaking after the latest batch of seals were handed out, Bob Wootton, ISBA director of media & advertising, praised Yahoo, AOL and Google for their efforts in promoting best industry practice. 

“Advertisers have been calling for this type of commitment for over two-and-a-half years so they can trust and embrace digital advertising.

“It’s particularly encouraging to see these web giants follow Microsoft’s lead,” he commented.

Companies pitch in

As well as receiving support from large industry bodies, a number of online ad firms have also joined JICWEBS in the clampdown on illegal content providers. 

Quantcast, Vibrant Media and have all seen their brand safety policies approved in the months leading up to Yahoo, AOL and Google’s own tests.  

The latest announcement means a total of 20 firms operating in the UK have received JICWEBS’ seal of approval. A further 18 have agreed to undergo verification, with the results expected to arrive in the next six months.