Shop Direct is a UK retailer with annual sales of £1.7 billion. It is home to four brands – Littlewoods,, ISME and K&Co – delivering 50 million products every year to five million active customers.

The objective

With over 24 million members in the UK visiting the site on a daily basis, Facebook provides an unrivaled ad environment – in quantity and quality. To personalise communication with its website visitors across this key consumer touchpoint, Shop Direct was seeking an innovative and efficient ad solution.  

The solution

As one of the 20 qualified companies on the Facebook Exchange (FBX), myThings’ retargeting solution was able to deliver enhanced personalisation for Shop Direct’s brands across the social channel via a highly efficient real time bidding mechanism. 

With a common goal of offering a market-leading personalised consumer experience across all digital touchpoints, myThings’ FBX campaign for Shop Direct created highly relevant Facebook ads in real time that drove repeat purchases of existing customers and most importantly a large volume of new sales – a key metric for the retailer. 

By leveraging Shop Direct’s highly valuable CRM (1st party) data, myThings was informed in real time whether a Facebook user was a new or existing customer of Shop Direct and was able to optimise accordingly.

The results

  • A 2.5x increase in the number of first -time sales by using first-party data.
  • 35% increase in the ration between first-time sales of new customers and incremental sales generated by existing customers.
  • 1:12 ratio of return on investment.

“myThings’ advanced programmatic ad technology enabled Shop Direct to truly personalise communication with our audience on Facebook – delivering exceptional performance.” – Chris Howard, head of digital at Shop Direct.